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Learning 技能 Program

Learning 技能 Program

肯特希尔学校的学习技能项目为学生提供学术和组织支持,他们将从围绕时间和材料管理等问题的额外脚手架中受益, study 技能, and confidence-building in the academic realm. 学习技能计划将学生与学习专家配对,他们完全致力于确保学生在bat365的各个方面茁壮成长,并准备好以自信应对大学及以后的工作, self-determination, and self-advocacy. 

To best fit the needs of individual students and their families, the Learning 技能 Program offers two levels of support. 1级 Support provides private, one-on-one sessions; three formal meetings with a Learning Specialist each week; and an individualized learning plan 集中 on strengths, opportunities, and feedback. 2级 Support provides small-group sessions based on common learning profiles; three meetings with a Learning Specialist per week; and an individualized learning plan. 学习技能计划的两个级别都需要额外的费用. Please consult the Admissions Office for specifics.

Feedback and Growth

By pairing executive function strategies with regular feedback from teachers, 教练, dorm parents, and trusted adults, 你的学习专家能够监控你的成长,并提供有针对性的支持. 此外,他们会帮助你建立关键的能力,包括 时间管理、应试策略、学习技巧、组织能力等等. 

参加学习技能项目的学生不需要诊断出学习差异. Instead, spaces are reserved for t希望在学业和个人成就上达到新水平的学生. Students with educational testing, 然而, 是否应提交文件以确保在课堂上的住宿, in the community, and on standardized testing.

成年人在孩子身上投入的精力和时间是实实在在的,你可以真切地感受到. What we do is we provide Academic Coaching. 和体育教练一样,bat365也在努力训练孩子成为有效的学习者.

Trevor Slater, Learning Specialist


Reach New Heights

We believe that with the right people, and in the right environment, you will accomplish extraordinary things. bat365在线官网的学习技能项目为您配对成人导师,他完全致力于确保您在bat365的各个方面茁壮成长,并准备好以自信应对大学及以后的工作, self-determination, and self-advocacy. 

Our comprehensive, 整体发展方法平衡了基于课程的辅导和社会情感意识, problem-solving 技能 and strategies, and communication tools. 当你的学习专家通过四个问题指导你时,你将满怀信心地进行项目和计划:

1) What do you have to do? 

2) How are you going to do it?

3) How can I help support you?

4) How am I going to know when it is done? 

Kents Hill Learning 技能 Program Curriculum

bat365在线官网的学习技能项目是一个学术支持项目,专注于帮助学生增强信心,并发挥他们作为学习者的潜力. bat365在学习技能项目中所做的工作反映了bat365在线官网的4D学术课程,强调知识的重要性, 技能, character, and reflection. 


  • Private, one-on-one time with a Learning Specialist
  • Three formal meetings with a Learning Specialist each week 
  • 个性化学习计划注重优势、机会和反馈
  • 参加特定主题的晚间学习会议、研讨会和项目


  • Small group Academic Coaching based on common learning profiles
  • 每周由学术导师主持三次正式小组会议
  • 参加特定主题的晚间学习会议、研讨会和项目
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